Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Anybody got some singles?

Anybody with a wad of 1's can see Brandi Hawbaker's A cups close and personal. Tart of the month (by tart I mean C.B.) Brandi Hawbaker has found a new career path to fund her diminishing bankroll.

The thread that introduced Brandi to the NWP community had some incredible foresight with the title "Crazy Stripper". The title was the only correct peek in the future as posters were making excellent reads such as "she seems normal" and Kung Fu'ing some fortune cookie philosophy such as "One tit does not a stripper make." Yeah, good call fellas.

Fast forward to 4 months later the former WPT chip leader is now a current Pole Dancer and yes that is literal. A couple days ago Micon said he got a txt from her saying she is now a "dancer" at the Rhino in Vegas. Later in the thread Brandi came on and said she no showed due to nerves. People actually thought she backed out and didn't think anymore about it until a trip report from NWP Pro (yeah big suprise) icfishies.

Long winded post, however, the only thing you need to know is she got drunk and decided to go, gave a lapdance to icfishies then suprise suprise bit the ever loving fuck out of him. She declared she "likes to hurt and be hurt"...yeah I shat myself. Oh and he didn't close the deal. We're going to convene at 10pm CST to discuss icfishies man card status.

In other news Aaron "GambleAB" Bartley is now doing Geico commercials

and 98d makes Jennicide's nipples hard. True story.

Friday, February 02, 2007

We've got BUSH!

If the David Williams thread was my wife I'd cheat on it with this thread.

While TwoPlusTwo sips on some haterade Dustin neverwin Woolf grabbed his cam, drove 4 hours and did his best Takashi impersonation.

While the typical poster droned on about this being an elaborate hoax, Dustin was on his way to score some freshly shaved (and bat shit crazy) vag for all of the poker community to see.

There now is a picture with Micon claiming to be Brandi Hawbaker's shocker zone, however, there is no face shot. Personally I think this is just the beginning, no way in the world Dustin drove 4 fucking hours across the Nevada desert to get one fuzzy shot. Ole' boy better have closed the deal. Micon said there was a 70/30 chance of some "video" happening.

This wouldn't be a typical NWP scandal if many subplots weren't involved. The pictures lead to a first and last time in history that the sentence was ever uttered by a woman about Bryan "the icon" Micon:

"But, the best part is, she gets to continue "craving" my husband, and I get to do whatever I want to him each and every day." - Mrs Micon.

Yes, this thread lead Erin Micon to come out of lurking to make a reply or two that lead to my so far favorite quote of the year:

"I know all about this very, very crazy (and I can call her that because I am a licensed psychotherapist as you all know from previous posts) Brandi girl."

Yeah Erin, it takes a licensed psychoTHErapist to know that Brandi is nuts.

Without further adieu I bring you Brandi "bringing penis back" Hawbaker's baby maker:

Gives all kinds of captioning possibilities to this photo:

Dustin did not take that vag pic:

"yeah i got stuck in a game at commerce was down 41k had 4k left with me, but then i ran it up to 75k and just got home, yes money more important than whores, but maybe ill make a stop in vegas on the way back instead" - A non stuck neverwin

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I don't wanna be a playa' No Mo'

Micon's not a playa he just crushes a lot.

Looks like everybody's favorite crazy whoourrreee has a thing for everybody's favorite King of Degenerates which will result in finally putting the naked into Stark Naked Poker.

What started off over at 2+2(they locked/hid the thread), a drama of epic proportions which eventually lead NWP to birth the phrase "Captain Tom", is rightfully going to be finished at NWP.

It's been a long crazy ride with cameos by Dutch "pee pants" Boyd, blood stained mirrors, Sam Grizzle sniffing through sloppy seconds and all kinds of ballyhoo. I couldn't write a better next chapter.

Apparently jewy Bryan Micon has sweet talked Brandi "I will fly one day" Hawbaker into shipping some naughty pics and apparently more racy than the one's discovered by NWP MVPimp Epistate. The words "filthy cunt" have been mentioned, God Bless her.

Keep your nose tuned for the soon to be scratch and sniff thread.

Allegedly Brandi showed up (vegas IP confirmed) in the thread to cyber with Micon.

Here's the wind up....waiting for the pitch

Sunday, April 23, 2006

"rising" porn star - David Williams

Neverwin Poker is a big fan of the cock...1st was the Gavin Griffin Penis scandal, now looks like our momma's boy next door David Williams is into fetish Porn.

The original thread...just pics, dude looks identical to DW.

Story has been exposed months before over at 4, but them donks let it die down and placed blame on Brian Pumper.

Brian Pumper is HUGE and there is zero chance this footjob porn is Brian...the porno movie in question is from Here

The thread continues for pages of "is it him?? sure looks like him!! lol, wtf??"

*Done by dbirider16-2

Both Dan Druff and Neverwin didn't want anything to do with the thread and made comments saying it didn't even look like him...ya I know.

"David Williams has always been a nice guy to me, and in fact stuck his neck out and defended me (when I wasn't even around) when railtards were making obnoxious comments during last year's Stars WCOOP.

I'm not going to get involved in this one. I don't feel a need to fuel the fire.
" - DanDruff

But Micon pressed on and even bought the DVD (good thing he did).

Meanwhile, a new poster that came outta nowhere did some fueling of his own:



This is the only clip I have left. Pretty much just DW's tongue in mom's ass the whole time. He's come a long way.


Needless to say the comparison was uncanny:

"This was made by somebody and sent to me. Pretty good work by the person who made it. not sure why I have to post it, but whatever.
- Epistate

"Let me say that I am a first time poster, long time reader(NWP).

I sent the audio sample to epistate; the 2 samples are from the WPT event at Borgata (from the dvd), and the porno clip. Using Sound Forge 6.0 and SawPro audio programs, I compared the 2 clips, and I am of the opinion that they are the same voice. While the tone may be slightly different, both voices had repeated peaks in the same Khz range. Some of the difference can be attributed to the fact that the WPT audio has already been processed, and the porno audio is more "raw", if you'll pardon the pun. If I had a better sampling of the porno audio (rather than tinny sounding internet audio), I believe it would be even more conclusive."
- RexCharger

That pretty much sent the forum into a frenzy...even Live At The Bike was talking about it.

Even after all the excitement, Dan Druff still insisted on "taking the high road".

"Yeah, I agree with fuhoser.

Let it die already."
- DanDruff

Paging Brian Micon to ICU...Brian Micon to ICU....

"video is all the way of a magic-the-(not any more)gheythering pre-fame nervous as hell David Williams, whom Janet claims has been a member for a very, very long time.

note the date of production, pre WSOP as assumed.

Ok, what do I do with the DVD now? wHOOOO wants to see some shenanigans?

It's soooo David Williams... And I'm not sure, but it looks like he is really, really, really (really) into it.

a quick clip:

Click Here
- BMicon

Comedy Gold was assured as Harold Wong's newest competition decided to terrorize myspace with all these findings

Victims included (well other than DW):

Scott Fishman:

The Grinder:

Scott Fishman Part Deux:

And Lastly, one of DW's X girlfriends...

Meanwhile during all this outing, David Williams was actually Chip Lead at the 25k buy-in WPT stop at the Bellagio...and talked about rigged for action...take a look at this seating assignment:

Yes...that is David Williams sitting right next to Neverwin!

*done by dbirider16-2

Needless to say, Card Players seating arrangement gave NWP Plenty of material:

es0terix wrote:
Date / Time: 2006-04-20 01:07PM

Title: Weird Tension at Table 58

Log: At a table featuring young pros Gavin Griffin and Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf, players are talking about a weird tension between the two. They refuse to make eye contact and seem to be going out of their way to not play pots with each other. "It's almost like they just found out they accidentally touched during a threesome or something" commented one player.

The critical moment came when Griffin's former girlfriend Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh walked by and stole two $10,000 chips from Gavin's stack prompting Woolf to inexplicably burst into laughter, and stumble away from his chair mumbling something about how he "HAD to call Micon." As he stumbled away from the table, he physically bumped into David Williams at which point he fainted.

Neverwin said he played the tournament like nothing happened...he was even seated at Gavin Griffin’s table earlier

"Actually it was cool sitting besides David the whole day 3. We have known each other for a few years now and are always friendly when we see each other. We never directly talked about this situation at all although he did say something indirectly to me. He was very focused and played with a chip on his shoulder that day. Early on the tournament he said to me, well in order to get rid of the bad news, I have to make some good news! And that was all we both played hard all day, I was pretty much staying out of his way while he raised about every other hand. I picked up AA once on him and re-raised preflop but he folded. Another time I called flat called him with 10-10 the board came 778, i called the flop, turn a J i called the turn, blank on the river, he now checks, and I check behind him. He flips over the Q7o and I say nice hand, thinking to myself no way you getting a checkraise on the river on me sir.

Also he knows I am not the one to blame for this story. The news has been out there and I heard about this story over a year ago, NWP just happeded to be the place were the story has been resurfaced and more of the general public made aware.

On another side note, I sat with Gavin on Day 2, nothing was mentioned and we also chatted like nothing happened. Remember this is big news to everyone who reads this, its old news to them. They aren’t going to blame me just because my name is attached to the website.

News is News if NWP is the place to dig up the dirt first, then thats the reason people visit this place first when you want to know about all the gossip in the poker world!"

The real news is how this story is taking off....not only did NW get a mention at live at the bike...but apparently the story reached Gutshot poker according to their clever pun when David was eliminated from the tournament:

Since the outbreak, news has hit many blogs and many gaming sites which Virus5 has been the front runner in reporting the news to even Micon, which got totalbluff a mention on the front page of NWP.

"As stated earlier, the folks at Neverwin are expecting this story to explode. They've linked this particular thread on their front newspage."

"Going to great lengths to give good kid Williams a bad boy image, has even produced an explicit, NSFW photo of 'Williams' giving a backdoor swirl to some trashy trailer park porn chick. Definitely not a Bodog Girl in the looks department. Although it is hard to see her face." - WickedChopsPoker

They don't give bmicon credit for digging up the material, but it's still a good read." -Virus5

"To say I was shocked learning that poker champion, David Williams, starred in a porn would be an understatement. It's not in my collection! And my father doesn't even own it. WOW!

But let's get real for a moment, what's wrong with a little porn now and again?

I'm certainly not against it. The whole poker world seems turned off, probably because David has called our bluff. We had no idea. The poker community painted this Texas Southern Methodist student as a "sweet innocent" then we are shocked to see he's not only starring in porns but sucking on feet with over-the-hill married with children broads. Oh's getting a little hot in here.

I watched a portion of the video in question at with the David-Williams2 extension and wondered what all the hoopla is all about. If only my British boyfriend would dare to do half the things that David does in this video - okay, David only does one thing.

Janet Mason, who stars opposite David, claims on her web site that she enjoys: Lots and lots of hot, explicit photos of me indulging in my favorite carnal activities! Interracial sex with dark, well-**** black studs. The "older woman/younger" man kink, with me introducing cute, hunky college-age guys to the pleasures of sex with an older, more experienced woman. Foot, leg shoe and hosiery fetishism, with me showing off my sexy, perfectly-pedicured, high arched size 4 1/2 feet and indulging my male "foot fans" in their deepest fantasies.

Sheesh she makes Yours Truly seem like a prude!"
- Article from Gambling911

Personally, I think this is the infancy stages of this story and I wouldn't be at all shocked if there is a public statement by DW at some point in time...this is pretty hard to ignore especially since the story is running like wildfire over the internet.

update* Mon, April 24:
Gambling911 is really taking this thing and running making it Front Page....

....and assigned 3 supermodels to the case:

Jenny Woo

Lingerie Bowl Model Anna Lexington

and Originally billed as "Destiney Williams" (they have a free lance reporter named Jeff Williams)...Pro Cheerleader Destiney Lewis

They even made a special David Williams Porn Blog, and SNP got a mention in their 3rd article

Yep...Models and Cheerleaders read Stark Naked Poker and expose B level Poker Celebs low budget porn tomfoolery.

Update: April 25th 10:40am

This story is too edgy even for Bluff Magazine as they pulled the story and refuses to promote it as a "personal favor" to David Williams after his manager called the editor.

Needless to say Micon is PISSED calling Bluff Mag. Balls-less etc. Yes, bluff is the same magazine that ran all the Mike Matusow drug stories and *if I remember correctly* (i'm at work and my Bluff mags are on my shitter floor) they are an uncensored publication so the content itself should have been right up their alley.

However, Gambling911 is still perusing this story with reckless abandonment as they released the 4th article, this time by the "Pro Cheerleader Destiney Lewis" lol.

The article's a good read and apparently there's going to be a "private screening" at her place for her and her "girlfriend". This in no way sounds like a marketing scheme to add hype to the story, but hey no harm...I get to imagine two hot cheerleaders watching foot-fetish ass-munching porn...although the 2nd part of that story isn't so hot :(

The clever part of the article was "who is the winner" in all of this...Gavin Griffin.

"These pictures surfaced & Griffin was devastated thinking he’d always be known as the poker player whose penis was being broadcasted all over the Internet. Well Gavin someone is looking out for you because there is NO mistaking this DVD, its definitely one David Williams!" - Destiney Lewis

Update: April 25th 3:30pm - The news has hit ESPN Radio...but they say its not news!!

The show aired and NWP member es0terix reported that the porn was mentioned, posted a the link and the transcript.

Poker Edge

They mention it 7:08 into the April 24th show.

Andrew Feldman: "David Williams ... he's been involved in a little ... side action I guess."
Phil Gordon: "Side action is one way to put it."
AF: "There's been some questionable material being thrown around the internet."
PG: "Well, let's just be very clear - we are on, is owned by Disney. So any mention of the word 'porn' is probably not a good idea."
AF: "Ok well then we won't mention it at all."
PG: "We're not going to mention the word 'porn', it will not come up in this discussion, but uhhh, check out, you might find some interesting facts about Mr. Williams that have recently surfaced."

Yes, they said go to bluffmagazine for the story...even though Bluff are the ones that refuse to promote the Pissed can Micon be right now?

Update: April 25th 4:27pm: Official Response from Bluff Magazine to NeverwinPoker

"I wanted to take a minute to drop by the NW forum and explain our position on the DW story!!

Hopefully, after speaking with Brian he has a better understanding on why we pulled the story and can in fact appreciate our position. Brian I hope you can back me up here!

First, our news editor works out of Canada and is responsible for which stories we put up every day. I personally sent Ian an email asking him not to run the story, but he did not read my request before putting it up. Once we saw it we took it down!

I can assure you that advertisers had no influence on this decision. In fact, I believe that Bodog (DW sponsor) is loving every minute of the attention. Our decision was based on future dealing with poker pros who contribute to our publication. If they see Bluff running stories of this magnitude, we could be denied future interviews and editorial submissions. Basically, the risk is not worth the reward and we have decided to stay away from both the DW and Gavin stories.

I honestly did not think that taking the story off the site would be as contraversial as it has become. Saying that, we have not taken the story off of our forum and people can access the information there.

I apologize if our decision put anyone off as this was never our intent!"

Probably the Last Update: April 27th, 10:00am.

The story has been winding down the past couple of days since all the major poker publications won't touch this story with NWP's dick. Looks like one last story from Gambling911 were they basically say David Williams handled the story like ass (ya I suck at puns) and in the future he's going to need to be more media friendly if he plans on being a high profile poker celebrity.

This story has been all about the sub plots really. First DW munches ass, then we find out this is actually known among the poker players. Then even though it's common knowledge to the poker circles and now the internet poker circles, "News" publications don't go anywhere near the story. At least Gavin Griffin came in and made one post about his bent wang while David Williams gets to ignore it until it goes away. Personally I'm all about porn and around 60gb's of my 80gb hard drive is full of it so I won't cast judgement on anybody that wants to be a porn star...most guys would if they could and you know it...fetish porn is a little hard to swallow though even for me, but hey, to each his a fucking foot job...that still cracks me up. The salad tossing I could really care less about cause you throw Angelina Jolie's behind in my face I'm not going to swat it throw Janet's ass in my face I'll probably gag but the old cliche "different strokes for different folks" has never been more amply applied.

After all this I would like to say that Gavin Griffin's bent wang had about 4,000 more views as the DW story is coming to a hault, proving once you go still like bent white wang...better?

Another update: The story quietly went away as predicted but now you can't even buy the DVD anymore from Janet!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Beal vs The Corporation II: Beal Strikes Back

Right now as I write this, the biggest game ever played is being continued at the wynn resort in Las Vegas. 1 big bet is more than most people's yearly salary. The game's stakes are so high, it makes the "Big Game" played at the bellagio look like play money.

For those that have been living under a rock for the past year let me fill you in about a banker, a professor, and a suicide king.

For the past few months the big buzz over the internet was the 500/1000 online headsup matches involving kidpoker, Daniel Negreanu. Add in a couple of zeros, a real casino, a billionaire banker, and a collection of the world's best poker players that call themselves "The Corporation" (no, Vince McMahon is not their manager) and you have the biggest game ever played.

The Banker, Andy Beal, set out to play the world's best poker players at the highest limits ever.

The very first entry ever about this saga, that is now in its 5th year, was posted by Razzo at RGP.

"I saw the biggest game I have ever seen. When I walked in Chip Reese was playing a Dallas banker headsup at $10,000.-$20,000. Texas hold'em. Most of the great players were spread around the room. As I stood and watched, Ted Forrest got into the game. He sat down with a rack of $5K chips($500,000). Right in front of my eyes he doubled through to $1,000,000. Chip was pumped up too. He had about $1,600,000 when I left."

*On a very coincidental and shocking side note, it was this post that lead Russ G to discover RGP :(

Ted Forrest, ironically was not part of the initial Corporation but played the absolute biggest key in the Beal Matches.

So looks like some random whale decided poker is fun and wanted to donate just to say he played with the world's best, right? Not remotely close. The very first encounter, Beal almost ended their careers, cleaning out all their safety deposit boxes during the first part of week on his final trip of the year, sticking them for 5.5 million dollars. On the last night, The Corporation borrowed a million from various sources and put their hopes on Howard Lederer, the professor, the next Morning. The pros divvied up the bankroll and were playing the night before and Beal broke Doyle off for another 200k. That game broke up and Beal went off to bed, the Pros continued to play through the rest of the night. Later when Beal came back down, Forrest and Chau Giang (I love Pokah) were still playing and Ted Stepped on no sleep and recovered 4.3 million and Lederer finished him off to restore the corporations once empty deposit boxes. (that story was taken from this article)

David Skansky actually credited himself for Ted being the only person to beat Andy that trip:


Dec 17 2001, 2:19 am show options
From: (Dsklansky)
Date: 17 Dec 2001 08:18:42 GMT
Local: Mon, Dec 17 2001 2:18 am
Subject: Re: Just watched Andy win 3 Mil at Bellagio
>Ted is a smart guy.

Those who have my video will see him in the audience of the seminar I gave that was included in the video. That should tell you something. And I'm not just being cute. He had already won millions by that time. The other high rollers never quit their games (during WSOP) downstairs to attend that seminar. I'd like to think that what you see happenning now is not just a coincidence."

The game has ran off and on since, however, there wasn't always an accurate portrayal of the matches. All sorts of "fish tales", more like "donkey tales", about how the rich banker would come down and the big bad corporation would send him home to Texas, etc. It was all mostly harmless hearsay until there was an article in the NY Daily News called "Millions From Texas" that fueled the already ramped prattle and painted Beal out to be nothing but whale flavored shark food.

"Word is that Beal, who did not return phone calls, is down $40 million. But journalist/author James McManus, who's writing a magazine piece about the Beal game, says "Beal is certainly down, but that number is in dispute." McClelland says Beal was here for a day and a half his last visit, during the World Series of Poker. 'He lost $5 million and said, 'I'm going home.'

'His latest thing is he's 'never coming back,' says Doyle Brunson. 'But he's said that before.' "
- "Millions From Texas"

Beal was so rattled by this article, he wrote an open letter to The Corporation and had Barry Shulman publish it in card player.

"No mention was made that I won more than $10 million in the largest game ever played, $100,000-$200,000 limit hold'em, on May 12 and 13, 2004. No mention was made of the fact that most of the above-mentioned professional players have substantial overall individual net losses after having played many hours against me. I concede that I am a net overall loser in the Bellagio games, although the extent of my losses is often exaggerated and mischaracterized....

....Come to Dallas and play me for four hours a day and I will play until one of us runs out of money or cries uncle. If your play is so great and your wins have been as large as you claim, you should have plenty of bankroll and be jumping at the chance to come and play another $100,000-$200,000 game and win a lot more money. I should add that you can bring your own independent dealers and your own cards, and can play in a different location of your choice every day if you wish. You should provide a slate of any six or more of the above players and I will pick from your slate who plays. Observers should be free to attend in order to record exactly what happens at this game, so it won't turn into another fisherman's story."
- Andy Beal, from The World's Biggest Poker Game"

Naturally Doyle responded in an open letter in card player.

"As far as your challenge goes, we concede that you have more money than all of us put together. So, why would we want to get into a $100,000-$200,000 game in which we would be underfunded? We are pros, and we know the disadvantage of this. So, here is what we propose:

1. We will raise a $40 million bankroll and post it along with yours. (Everything is contingent on raising the money, but I think it is very realistic that we can expand and raise it.)

2. We will play 30K-60K. If either side loses half of its post-up money, it can raise the stakes to $50,000-$100,000. There is an old axiom that applies here: Get out the way you got in!

3. We will choose who plays and when.

4. We prefer to play in Vegas, the gambling capital of the world. Most of us live here, and what would we do in Dallas when we weren't playing? This is negotiable. The first three points aren't. Andy, I'm chuckling as I write this closing paragraph. If Bill Gates came to Dallas and wanted to flip coins for $100 million per flip for four hours a day until one of you ran out of money or cried uncle, would you do it? My money says you would decline."
Doyle Brunson, from Doyle Says, 'Let's Play an $80 Million Freezeout!'

Beal went on to kinda accept the offer, however, nothing ever materialized until just recently.

Now in the 3 open letters that card player published, you may notice that it was a cut throat battle to even decide on how and where the game will be played, or "home court advantage" if you will.

"Part of the edge that pros have over everyone else, at least as important in pure Super/System-Sklansky/Malmuth type card playing skill, is KNOWING HOW TO GAMBLE. "Making the game" is what they sometimes call it. It's the art and science of knowing what circumstances give one side or the other the advantage, and handicapping accordingly. When you hear the story about Doyle Brunson winning a humongous golf bet when he was no longer able to walk without crutches, it was knowing how to make the game, not skill at golf, that won him the money. Andy is a professional at weighing circumstances, assigning them percentages, and acting accordingly; that's how he's become so wealthy at event arbitrage. But in this arena, he's no match for someone like Doyle Brunson, and he knows it. That's why there's so much bickering over where to play, or who can make substitutions, or how many hours a day to play. The bottom line is that if the players get everything the way they want it, they should be a significant favorite. If any gets everything the way he wants it .... Well, the last time that happened, he won $12 million in one day."-Micheal Criag

The need that Beal had to set the record straight about the previous matches, birthed "A banker, aprofessor, and suicide king: Inside the Richest Poker Gameof All Time" by Micheal Criag.

The book itself was received well by the poker community and gave excellent insight to not only the games themselves, but the psychological aspects of it as well. It also accomplished what Beal set out to do and "dispel some of the misconceptions" about what actually happened in the games.

Beal vs The Corporation II is currently being played at the Wynn Resort.

According to Jennifer Harman, The Corporation II is a slight adjustment of the original Corporation with the addition of a few "unknowns".

"According to Harman, the roster had been adjusted, adding unnamed and less famous players. Harman explained, “They’re known around town, but don’t get the notoriety as do the tournament pros on the circuit.”" - Jen Harman

The Original Corporation was made up of:

Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese, Todd Brunson, Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Chau Giang, Barry Greenstein, Ted Forrest, Gus Hansen, Lee Salem, John Hennigan, Ming La, Lyle Berman, Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, Hamid Dastmalchi and a few others.

The match is in its second day with Todd Brunson playing Beal and ending the day Beal
Beal Up 1.625 million at the end of the day, he peaked at at 2.7 million dollars.

Round 2 was Jen's turn to take a swing where she recovered all but 500k, however after the dinner break Beal said he was hoping she was going to play and they wouldn't sub, unlike yesterday's match with Todd. David Grey is currently in the seat right now.

Since its a "private" game there is only 1 reporter in the field that I know of and the most up to date and actually pretty consistent reporting is at Bluff Magazine Forums.

I heard from RGP that ACE tournament poker reporter B.J. Nemeth, who has left CardPlayer Magazine/ to work for, is there also and should have an article up at pokerpages when it is all said and done and Episode Three will be in the works.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Men > women

"In poker, a pair of Kings is better than a pair of Queens because MEN are better than WoMEN" - Bill Fillmaff.

The latest Bill Fillmath, episode 7, is one of the greatest they've done by parodying a match between Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.

In the early stages of the poker boom Annie Duke was EVERYWHERE and was hyped up to be THEE woman of poker. UB put her on the payroll, she was on every segment of every WSOP espisode, was invited to the first ever WSOP Tournament of Champions and actually there were rumors about a reality show staring her and/or a sitcom based on her story where star Janeane Garofalo would portray her.

Since poker grew and Annie's poker career didn't the attention has been moved from her to hotter players. Hot regarding both poker ability and physical looks...

Annie was regarded as thee-best woman player (and most attractive) but now we all know now that just simply wasn't the case at all.

Not to mention not only are there hotter and better players out there....Annie's aging probably didn't help her keep the attention she once had :(

The biggest irony is while the media was portraying Annie to be the Poker Queen, over on RGP was a vile mud slinging contest between her and Daniel Negreanu. Okay, Annie wasn't slinging mud, she was just the primary target. Eventually her brother Howard Lederer wrote an open letter to Daniel and her husband at the time emailed Daniel asking to meet him behind the school bus after recess.

Most of the references in the video are stories that came from Negreanu in his old RGP days of "Annie PUKE"...there are literally hundreds of them so I'll just link you to the one that the Episode 7 references.

Without further adieu...I present Bill Fillmaff - Secret Systems


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

You're Gonna Die Clown

I feel like I'm watching Rocky III. The new champ is the heavy favorite and a bad mofo and the old champ got soft from being a public figure and now is pissed of....

Will Rocky beat B.A Barracus and send him to 1800-collect commercials?? or will Mr T. change the ending sending "not so much a Kid anymore" Poker to $10 sngs?

*survivor starts to play*


Last night the ever so hyped up match Heads Up Hold'em match between the new crew "GCC" and the olde tymer beaten down champ Daniel "kidpoker" Negreanu finally took place after weeks of build up. Negreanu has a ton of money transfer issues and sat down with his full 50k buy in for DreamClown to take a swing at.

DreamClown took a slight early lead but Daniel went on a complete tear and got that fucking clown down to 10k in under 40 minutes before DreamClown reloaded to $250,000.

The match was one sided with the clown going down 80-100k before turning things around, but once the clown reloaded to 250 he rarely got above 260.

You can view all the hand histories starting with the first one here and watch how the action went down by downloading the movies at FCP.

According to Negreanu's Diary he played DreamClown for "4.5 hours, and about 1000 hands. I was winning for the majority of the session, at my peak up about $100,000 and finally quitting $67,000 to the good", ending the session +67 bb's.

DreamClown, Negreanu, Neverwin and countless others are at no loss for opinions about this match, how they both play and the future outcomes.

From what I saw, it was just pwnage by Negreanu and I see only one thing that may/may not be the glaring weakness in his HU Limit game. Dreamclown came out firing at every pot and Negreanu played the old school value game with big hands, however, he just check called a lot with his big hands, which to me has -ev written all over it. Negreanu is very vocal about some of DreamClowns holes regarding his fire all cannons style and never folding preflop but yet never 3 betting either...he only 3 bet twice and both times Negreanu typed "misclick?".

Negreanu fondly looks back at last nites match as serving his Trash Talking youngster some humble pie, saying that he pwn3d him and will continue to do so.

"Dreamclown cannot beat me unless he adjusts his approach. His view on the game is flawed and easily exploited. If he continues to play me he will eventually lose everything that he has. Not being mean, just being realistic." - KidPoker

Daniel goes onto say that he wishes to continue to play against the world's best HU Limit players but says DreamClown is not considered in that class.

So whats the word at the GCC Camp?

One GCC rep Eugeneel (famed for spamming and beating up on Phil Hellmuth) says he "can't wait till the next match and am extremely confident DN is outmatched. I just wish I could take a bigger cut of the game". Shocked, Negreanu said he'd fly them out to Vegas and put them up in a nice hotel if they'd play for a million, which was instatnly rejected by GCC.

Sansone, the actual player in the GCC that is playing the matches, still thinks that not only is he the very clear favorite over Negreanu but even Lagerborg is a better player then kidpoker:

"Lagerborg is a far better HU LHE player than Negreanu. DN and I are about even at this point swings-wise; running two pair is running two pair. But Negreanu is a rag doll...

Also, I busted Lager from pokerroom. I outplayed him. But I also ran pretty good against him. So despite taking over 300k from him, I'd still chose Negreanu over him as my hu opponent. It is possible to lose 68k to an easy, transparent player at 500-1k. If Lager had Negreanu's cards I probably would have lost between 80 and 100k....

I do think he is smart enough to improve. I never said he couldn't improve. I said he was simply a rookie at what I have done for 3 years. I think he will adjust. But he has miles to go before he adjusts enough that it wouldn't be worth playing him. MILES. In fact, as much room as there is for improvement, I don't think he'd ever come that far. He is too timid at heart to be a hu LHE player." - DreamClown

And to the winner of this back street brawl, big time online highstakes limit pro, Neverwin lurks in the shadows waiting for his swing at...well one of them.

Neverwin feels that he can felt them both, however, DN is the clear better player compared to the clown and he's "kicking himself" for not felting DreamClown before Negreanu does.

"here is my analysis, dreamclown is severley outmatched and outclassed here, unless he gets a horseshoe up his ass, he is going bust" - Neverwin.

Neverwin went on to say that he wouldn't go into a deep analysis about their strenghts and weaknesses because of his future plans but he did comment that:

"Anyone like myself who understands all the fundamentals of limit holdem heads up can see that DN is the better player in the long run. For the same reason I know I am the favorite over Dreamclown in the long run also. But Dreamclown is only 22 with a lot of talent, but look what happens when he messes with the big boys. Even if he comes back, he still has many things to learn. Anyone can win a lot of money in the short run, only time will tell whether it was luck or skill."

As for Round 4 of Rocky III, When Daniel made last nites exit he said he "might" play tonight but in his diary he said the match may take part this afternoon.

Personally, if they run even in cards, I'm fully expecting Rocky to knock Mr T out.